Trivia about Grace Kelly

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General Trivia about Grace Kelly

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Trivia about Grace Kelly's Impact on Fashion

  • The column gown with spaghetti-straps that Grace Kelly wore to accept her Best Actress Oscar was designed by Edith Head. It was the most expensive Oscar gown to date, as the aquamarine silk fabric itself cost $4,000.
  • Grace wore Swarovski crystals in High Society.

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Trivia about Grace Kelly's Wedding to Prince Rainier III

  • The entire adult population of Monaco—3,000—was invited to the celebration following the wedding.
  • Grace and Rainier had two weddings: a civil wedding (18 April 1956) and a religious wedding (19 April 1956).
  • After the civil ceremony, a gala was given for the couple and the entire Monegasque population was invited.

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Trivia Pertaining to Grace Kelly's Films & Acting Career

  • Grace Kelly's first commercial featured her spraying a can of insecticide around a room.
  • Early in Grace Kelly's career, when she was auditioning for plays, many casting directors found her to be too tall (she was reportedly 5'6"-5'7").

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  • How did Grace Kelly react to the news of Bing Crosby's death?

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