Princess Grace's album "Birds, Beasts & Flowers"

In 1980, Princess Grace recorded an album of poetry with Richard Pasco, entitled "Birds, Beasts & Flowers: A Programme of Poetry, Prose and Music."

[Birds, Beasts & Flowers: A Programme of Poetry, Prose and Music]

The poetry program "Birds, Beasts & Flowers: A Programme of Poetry, Prose and Music" that Princess Grace performed with Richard Pasco.


from Auguries of Innocence

from The History of the Flood

from Miracles

Humming Bird

The Tyger

In those tropical forests/The Babiaantje

from Animals and Men 1

from In the Caves of the Auvergne

from Animals and Men 2

Mountain Lion

The Snare

from Hurt Hawks

The Eagle

The Question


Pied Beauty

The Proud Horse from Venus and Adonis

Variations on a Theme of Frank Bridge Op. 10, Aria Italiana

Honorable Cat

The Span of Life

Cats sleep anywhere

Engraved on the Collar of a Dog which I gave to His Royal Highness

The Owl and the Pussy-Cat

The Pelican Chorus

A story about St. Francis of Assisi

St. Francis and the Birds

St. Francis

Proud Songsters

A Bird's Epitaph

Dorothy Osborne in a letter to Sir William Temple July 1963

Ask me no more

On a Rosebud sent to Her Love

On a Rose

Sonnet LIV

The Damask Rose

The Garden

Binsey Poplars (felled 1879)

The Redwoods

from Song of Myself

Four Things

Come into Animal Presence

from The Heaven of Animals

from Psalm 104