Trivia about Grace Kelly's Film & Acting Career

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  • Grace Kelly's first television commercial featured her spraying a can of insecticide around a room.
  • Early in Grace Kelly's career, when she was auditioning for plays, many casting directors found her to be too tall (she was reportedly 5'6"-5'7").
  • Her first Broadway role was playing Raymond Massey's daughter in August Strindberg's The Father. Reviewer Brooks Atkinson of the New York Times wrote, "Grace Kelly gives a charming, pliable performance of the bewildered and brokenhearted daughter."
  • Grace was cast in High Noon after director Stanley Kramer saw her acting off-Broadway.
  • Grace's Academy Award acceptance speech for Best Actress Oscar for The Country Girl was very short:

    The thrill of this moment keeps me from saying what I really feel. I can only say thank you with all my heart to all who made this possible for me. Thank you!

  • Grace lost the 1953 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress (Mogambo) to Donna Reed (From Here to Eternity).
  • Admissions officers at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts described Grace's voice as "nasal" and "improperly placed". She took speech classes while attending the Academy. However, even when she made it to Hollywood, many directors and casting agents still found Grace's voice quite unusual.
  • Grace was offered a role in Mogambo with Clark Gable and Ava Gardner, but MGM wouldn't take her unless she signed a contract. It was a seven-year contract and the first major one that Grace signed.
  • Grace drove a Sunbeam Alpine Sports Roadster in To Catch a Thief.
  • Although there are rumors that Grace Kelly's singing voice in High Society "was dubbed by Niki Schenck, the 17-year-old daughter of Nick Schenck, the boss of MGM's parent company", biographer Donald Spoto (High Society: The Life of Grace Kelly) asserts that:

    On the contrary: the MGM archives are quite clear about the date (February 9, 1956) when Grace and Bing Crosby recorded the Cole Porter song in the studio—and the dates on which the playback accompanied the filming of that scene (March 13 and 14).

    The rarely seen Nicola Schenck, who was 22 (not 17) in 1956, never sang or dubbed for anyone, in any movie.

  • When Grace married Prince Rainier, she had not fulfilled the terms of her contract with MGM.
  • Grace Kelly was not the only Best Actress Oscar winner to play Georgie Elgin in The Country Girl. Frances McDormand took on the role onstage in 2008, alongside Morgan Freeman and Peter Gallagher in the Bing Crosby and William Holden roles, respectively. Mike Nichols directed.
  • Ever generous, Princess Grace contributed the foreword to Donald Spoto's book, The Art of Alfred Hitchcock.
  • She served on the board of directors of Fox.
  • Grace appeared on old-time radio. She guest starred on Bob Hope's radio program, The Bob Hope Show, on 14 May 1954, in an episode entitled "Kentucky Derby/African Safari." She also hosted an episode of Family Theater entitled "Stopwatch Finale," which was originally broadcast on 3 September 1952 and was rebroadcast on 1 September 1954.
  • According to Hedda Hopper, Grace Kelly's Oscar win for The Country Girl over Judy Garland for A Star is Born was the closest Oscar race to date. Grace won with just six votes more than Judy.
  • The engraving on Grace Kelly's Academy Award statuette reads

    Academy First Award
    Grace Kelly
    for her performance in
    "The Country Girl"

  • When she was still alive, Grace's Academy Award was on a simple table in a private living room. These days, it is kept in Prince Albert's private rooms.

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