Trivia about Grace Kelly's Wedding to Prince Rainier III

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  • On the night before she met Rainier, the electrical workers of France went on strike. Most of Grace's clothing was still wrinkled from travel, so she wore a hideous black dress with large flowers in it, and stick some artificial flowers in her hair.
  • The entire adult population of Monaco—3,000—was invited to the celebration following the wedding.
  • Grace and Rainier had two weddings: a civil wedding (18 April 1956) and a religious wedding (19 April 1956).
  • After the civil ceremony, a gala was given for the couple and the entire Monegasque population was invited.
  • Grace wore a Lanvin ballgown to the Monaco Opera on 18 April, following the civil ceremony. The gown, made of hand-embroidered white silk organdy, had a V-shaped decollette, a high waistline, a full bustle in the back, and was decorated with 800,000 sequins and 1,500 pearls and rhinestones.
  • Aristotle Onassis gave Prince Rainier III and Princess Grace "Deo Juvante II", a 147-foot yacht, as a wedding present. The couple traveled around the Mediterranean on the yacht for their honeymoon.
  • Princess Grace and Prince Rainier III spent part of their honeymoon at Mallorca's Hotel Formentor.
  • The people of Monaco gave Grace and Rainier a cream and black Rolls Royce convertible as a wedding gift. After the religious wedding ceremony, the couple drove through the streets of Monaco in it.
  • When their engagement was announced in 1956, Grace drank vodka on the rocks and Rainier had a sidecar.
  • Rainier gave Grace a Van Cleef & Arpels pearl necklace for their engagement in 1955. She can be seen wearing it in Van Cleef & Arpels by Sylvie Raulet on page 36.
  • As a wedding present, Rainier gave Grace a Van Cleef & Arpels set of a necklace, bracelet, and earrings.
  • The House of Creed was commissioned by Rainier to create a perfume, Fleurissimo, especially for Grace as a wedding present. Fleurissimo was subsequently worn by fellow style icons Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Madonna.
  • Singers Georgia Gibbs and Channing Pollock were featured performers at Grace's wedding to Rainier.
  • Grace carried Rev. J.M. Lelen's Bride's Manual: A Manual of Catholic Devotion with Mass for the Marriage Ceremony and the Nuptial Blessing during her wedding to Prince Rainier. The book was a gift from family friend Mrs. John F. McCloskey of Chestnut Hill and was decorated by MGM's wardrobe department.
  • The shoes paired with Grace's wedding dress were from Evins, New York, and were designed by David Evins. A copper penny was built into the right shoe for good luck. A popular belief is that Grace wore flats so that she would not be much taller than Rainier, these shoes actually have 2 1/2"-inch heels.
  • For her wedding, Grace's hair was styled by Sydney Guilaroff.
  • Joseph Hong of Neiman Marcus designed the bridesmaids' dresses, and Priscilla Kidder (a.k.a. Priscilla of Boston) made them. They were made of yellow silk organdy—a shade called sunlight—over a yellow silk taffeta underdress.
  • Of Grace's wedding, fashion designer Oscar de la Renta said:

    On her wedding day, Grace Kelly gave new meaning to the word icon. Her whole look, from the regal veil to the feminine lace details and the conservative gown, made her an ageless bride.

  • Prince Rainier III designed the uniform that he wore to the wedding himself.
  • Artist and theatrical producer Gant Gaither escorted Grace to Monaco for the wedding. He wrote the book Princess of Monaco: the Story of Grace Kelly about her.
  • As a wedding present from MGM, Grace received her entire wardrobe from High Society, as well as her magnificent wedding dress.

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