Locations in Grace Kelly’s Life

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See maps of important places in Grace Kelly’s life, including her childhood home in Philadelphia and the Prince’s Palace in Monaco.

Explore the maps by dragging and zooming. Select a map marker to reveal more information.


Explore the places that shaped Grace during her early years in Philadelphia—from her childhood home, to the schools where she received early education, to the theater where she first took to the stage.

New York City

Trace Grace’s steps as she launched her acting career in New York City. See the school where she studied acting, the apartment buildings she once called home, and the theater where she made her Broadway debut.


Follow Grace’s rising star through Hollywood. See her various residences—including the Hotel Bel-Air, The Beverly Hills Hotel, and the Chateau Marmont—and the venue where she won the Oscar.

Monaco & the French Riviera

Experience Grace’s royal legacy in Monaco and the French Riviera. Explore the royal residence, the cathedral that witnessed her wedding to Rainier, and the many sites that continue to honor her memory.


Trace Grace’s pilgrimage to explore her Irish heritage. Follow her journey across the Emerald Isle, from her ancestral home in Newport, Mayo, to the Imperial Hotel in Cork and the Ashford Castle in Mayo, and see the statue of Grace in Newport, a recent tribute to her legacy.