Music & Audio Featuring & Inspired by Grace Kelly

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Music & Audio Featuring Grace Kelly

[High Society: A New High Fidelity Recording from the Sound Track of the MGM Picture]

“True Love” performed by Bing Crosby & Grace Kelly

From the 1956 album High Society: A New High Fidelity Recording from the Sound Track of the MGM Picture.

[The Bob Hope Show]

Grace’s 1954 appearance on The Bob Hope Show radio program

In an episode titled, “The Kentucky Derby with Grace Kelly.”

Music & Audio Inspired by Grace Kelly

[Life in Cartoon Motion]

“Grace Kelly” by Mika

From the 2007 album Life in Cartoon Motion.

[I’m Breathless]

“Vogue” by Madonna

From the 1990 album I’m Breathless.

[Storm Front]

“We Didn’t Start the Fire” by Billy Joel

From the 1989 album Storm Front.

[Daisies of the Galaxy]

“Grace Kelly Blues” by Eels

From the 2000 album Daisies of the Galaxy.

[Her Brilliant Fifteen]

“Grace Kelly” by The Motion Sick

From the 2005 album Her Brilliant Fifteen.

[If It Weren’t for Venetian Blinds, It Would Be Curtains for Us All]

“Grace Kelly with Wings” by Piebald

From the 1999 album If It Weren’t for Venetian Blinds, It Would Be Curtains for Us All.


“'59” by Brian Setzer

From the 2001 album Ignition!

[Alligator Farm]

“Six Billion People” by Paul Gilbert

From the 2000 album Alligator Farm.

[Héroe Antiguo]

“Grace Kelly” by Los Coquillos

From the 1996 album Héroe Antiguo.


“Four Flights Up” by Lloyd Cole and the Commotions

From the 1984 album Rattlesnakes.


“Grace Kelly” by Die Ärzte

From the 1984 album Debil.

[Look Mom, No Head!]

“Bend Over, I’ll Drive” by The Cramps

From the 1991 album Look Mom, No Head!


“Hit” by Herman Brood

From the 1978 album Shpritsz.

[Script of the Bridge]

“As High as You Can Go” by The Chameleons

From the 1983 album Script of the Bridge.

[Broadside Tapes 1]

“Christine Keeler” by Phil Ochs

From the 1989 album Broadside Tapes 1.

[Juntos Otra Vez]

“Que Rechula Es Katy” by Juan Gabriel

From the 1993 album Juntos Otra Vez.

[Crazy Italians]

“Princess Grace” by Ben Graves Trio

From the 1997 album Crazy Italians.

[Rhymes Against Humanity]

“Princess Grace” by The Political Blockheads

From the 2008 album Rhymes Against Humanity.


“Bonjour” by Rachid Taha (feat. Gaëtan Roussel)

From the 2009 album Bonjour.

[I Hope This Gets to You]

“I Hope This Gets to You” by The Daylights

From the 2010 single “I Hope This Gets to You.”


“Django” by Joke

From the 2013 album Tokyo.


“Princess Grace” by Franco Micalizzi

From the 2015 album Celebrities.

[Barking at the Moon]

“Barking at the Moon” by Kentera

From the 2016 single “Barking at the Moon.”

[II – The Mephisto Waltzes]

“Hitchcock Blonde” by Devilment

From the 2016 album II – The Mephisto Waltzes.


“Savage” by P. Cassady (feat. Owen Ovadoz, nafla & JUSTHIS)

From the 2017 album Highdigger.

[Grace Kelly]

“Grace Kelly” by Maaisen

From the 2018 single “Grace Kelly.”

[Grace Kelly]

“Grace Kelly” by Britton Buchanan

From the 2021 EP “Grace Kelly.”

[Cow Rubber Stamp Cassette]

“Princess Grace” by Receiver of Stolen Goods

From the 2021 album Cow Rubber Stamp Cassette.

[Princess Grace]

“Princess Grace” by Echo Tongues

From the 2022 album Princess Grace.

[Wrong Font]

“Princess Grace” by Cocktail Napkin

From the 2022 EP “Wrong Font.”

[Thru the Ears]

“Princess Grace” by Spuds

From the 1986 album Thru the Ears.

[demo cassette]

“That Night” a.k.a. “Heart Like a Highway” by Rufus Wainwright

From the 1995 demo cassette.