Princess Grace of Monaco (2022)

[Princess Grace of Monaco]

The documentary uses archive footage and interviews to document Grace’s life from Hollywood to Monaco. It reveals her struggles with Hollywood, devotion to family and monarchy, and the grace, elegance, and serenity that made her an icon. She broke barriers between commoners and royalty, inspiring modern-day royals like Lady Diana Spencer, Kate Middleton, and Meghan Markle.

Grace Kelly: Precious Memories (2022)

[Grace Kelly: Precious Memories]

The documentary emphasizes her Grace’s romance with Prince Rainier III and her transition from Hollywood actor to Monégasque royalty. Using still photographs and film footage, it illustrates her journey, evoking nostalgia and romance.

Her Name Was Grace Kelly (2020)

[Her Name Was Grace Kelly]

Offering an intimate look into Grace’s life, this documentary uses never-before-seen footage from the Grimaldi family’s private archives. It avoids gossip, instead focusing on her career as an actor and princess. The film provides a touching portrayal of Grace as a human being with personal struggles and aspirations. Its poignant final scene, where Grace humbly asks to be remembered as a “decent human being,” serves as a reminder of her lasting legacy.

Hollywood Collection: Grace Kelly: The American Princess (1987)

[Hollywood Collection: Grace Kelly: The American Princess]

This documentary covers Grace’s life and career, from her early days in New York to her rise to stardom in Hollywood. It features clips from iconic movies and personal footage, along with interviews with Jimmy Stewart, Louis Jourdan, Alec Guinness, Katy Jurado, and Grace’s sister Lizanne. The film portrays Grace as a hardworking, passionate woman who succeeded on her own merits despite her privileged background, capturing her magic and celebrating her talent and legacy.

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